Special Teams
Fire Department
Fire Chief

Contact:Stephen Welgat




Kewanee Fire department is part of Mabas 39, a multi-county special team. The Hazardous materials team also known as Hazmat is trained with over 200 hours of special training in handling and the control of hazardous materials response. This special team is one of several in the state of Illinois and is capable of responding to control spills and leaks in less than one hour to anywhere in the state. All members in the state are trained similar so that individuals can be called in from anywhere in the state and all will know the same procedures and skills.

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Technical Rescue
The technical rescue team also known as TRT is also part of a multi-county special team in Mabas division 39. This team has over 400 hours of training in all areas of rescue and is a subteam of the Illinois Urban Search and Rescue team (USAR), one of only eleven such specialized teams in the nation. This team is trained in all areas such as building collapse, trench rescue and high angle techniques. The team is also available to respond to anywhere in the state within an hours notice.

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