Fire Department Hydrant Testing

The City of Kewanee Fire Department will continue flow testing of fire hydrants beginning Tuesday 7/16/19.  The Fire Department will be working on the project Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to noon (weather permitting) to update hydrant capacity and flow pressure data, in addition to flushing the water mains of sediment built up.  This project is expected to extend into the fall for this year.

Areas within or nearby testing areas may experience periods of lower than normal water pressure or discolored/rusty water.  The Fire Department will alert the public through local media which areas they will be working in a few days prior to beginning work throughout the upcoming weeks.

Work in the following areas will continue on 7/16/19 and will be worked on through 7/18/19:

  • The areas between North Main Street to North East Street, from East 8th Street to Hepner Drive, including one hydrant inside Northeast Park