Message from the Chief

      Welcome to Kewanee, Illinois, where I have proudly served as a Kewanee Police Officer since 2006 and now hold the position of Chief of Police for the Kewanee Police Department. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our citizens and maintaining an open and transparent relationship with our community.  Our police force is comprised of twenty-two dedicated full-time officers, six dispatchers, three part-time police officers and a team of auxiliary police officers. Our agency is divided into various divisions, including Patrol, Telecommunications, General Investigations, Street Crimes, K9, Administration, and participation in the Black Hawk Area Task Force.

     We prioritize the professional development of our staff and offer ongoing education and training. Our certified instructors provide in-house training on a range of topics, including tactical room clearing, de-escalation tactics, crisis intervention training, Gracie Survival Tactics for control, firearms training, and updates on search and seizure case law.  Innovation is key for the Kewanee Police Department, and we stay at the forefront of law enforcement technology. We have been using body-worn cameras since 2008, and by 2015, the entire department was equipped with them. In addition, our squad cars, tasers, interview rooms, and drones are equipped with cameras to ensure transparency in all our interactions.  Additionally, our department utilizes a Virtra Simulator to enhance officers' proficiency in de-escalation techniques and the judicious application of force.

     As a longtime resident of Kewanee, I, along with our dedicated department staff, remain committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all residents, businesses, and visitors. We understand that we are an integral part of our community, and by fostering positive communication, transparency, and collaboration with community members, we aim to create an environment where Kewanee and its citizens can thrive.

Stephen Kijanowski
Chief of Police
(309)853-1911 ext. 254

Stephen Kijanowski