City Council

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Mayor Gary Moore

I was born and raised in Kewanee and have called it home for more than 60 years. I graduated from Wethersfield High School and attended Black Hawk East College. I was a member of the Kewanee Police Department for 25 years; serving as a patrol officer for 3 years before getting promoted to Sergeant, and then Detective Sergeant. I also served as Chief of Police for Sheffield, Il. for eight years. Kewanee is a phenomenal city, and with my fellow councilmen, I want to help Kewanee to continue to grow. I take great pride in my hometown, and when I leave office, I want Kewanee to be better than when I started.

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Councilmember Chris Colomer

A Class of 2000 graduate of Kewanee High School, Chris and his wife Julie have two sons and a daughter.  Chris is a 2004 graduate of St. Ambrose College and works in sales management for a Fortune 500 company.  In addition to his service on the City Council since December 2017, he stays active in the community, coaching youth sports in both baseball and football.   

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Councilmember Mike Komnick

My family and I moved to Kewanee in 2000 with the goal of finding affordable housing. We accomplished that goal and found a great place to live. I sat on the sidelines for many years but decided I wanted to be active in Kewanee's future and was elected to the City Council in 2019. We are moving Kewanee forward and progressing into the future and I am honored to be part of it. 

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Councilmember Steve Faber

Born and raised in Kewanee, Steve Faber has resided in the community for 66 years, including 62 in the same neighborhood.  Steve retired from the Henry County Highway Department in 2013 after 38 years of public service.  He and his wife Peggy share five children and six grandchildren.  Steve is an active member of the community, volunteering with the Prairie Chicken Art Festival, Friends of the Animals, Hog Days, the Windmont Park lighting, the hanging of flower baskets every spring, and he brings countless smiles serving as Santa Clause (and Santa Paws, where he brings wags instead of smiles). 

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Councilmember Tyrone Baker

Tyrone Baker, along with his wife Paula, have two adult sons. He desires to be a leader that creates an atmosphere for the people/citizens to thrive.  To be led by conviction and values, not compromise by pressure to feel politically correct. Our forefathers stood on their convictions through the Bible and he wants to channel that through education and awareness.