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It was here that we made boilers that warmed the rising skyscrapers of Chicago, the early hotels of Las Vegas, and well-known buildings around the nation. Our boilers also powered the ships that led our country to victory in two World Wars. Our other industries made pipe fittings, valves, agricultural implements, and equipment to keep workers safe.

Today, our impact is no less important, Great Dane trailers made here carry goods across America’s highways; leather goods from here are distributed to the finest stores in the country, and furniture sold here decorates elegant homes throughout the Midwest.

Our industries created and continue to create a diverse community with people from all walks of life and backgrounds settling here to make a
living. To serve our people we have built hospitals, places of worship, a stunning downtown, excellent schools and a college that prepares young people to become the next great inventors, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

And yet, we are a place of simple pleasures. Our parks are each a unique gem offering a round barn, an eccentric palace, and a bridge that becomes a glittering celebration each Christmas. We host a grand homecoming event each fall and we are always there for any of us in need.

We are a center of commerce for the rural communities we serve, well centered between two metropolitan areas, and just a short train ride from one of the world’s greatest cities. Kewanee, Illinois is the place that made the things that made this country great. We have built the community that has everything you need. We are great scenery. We are great schools. We are great neighbors. We are great businesses. We are great opportunity. We are Kewanee, Illinois: everything you need.