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Burn Day
Posted: 04/18/2015

Today April 18, 2015 is a burn day

Hydrant Flushing Scheduled (Zone 1)
Posted: 04/01/2015

Beginning Thursday, April 2, 2015, weather pemitting, dead end hydrants in the following areas are scheduled for flushing. Hydrants will be flushed in the order listed. These areas are: 927 N Tremont St; N Lexington Ave; Golden Ave; Cambridge Rd (Sale Barn); W 13th St N of 201 W 13th St; W 13th St E of 201 W 13th St; across road from 1302 N Main St; 203 N Grove St; 629 N Washington St (N of 6th St); N Adams St N of W 6th St); W 11th St bottom of hill W of Union St; 718 W Central Blvd; 106 N Boss St; W 3rd & N Jackson Sts; 501 N Union St; 1st St & Adams St; N. Union St. between 1st & 2nd St; W. 3rd St. between Union & High St; Waunee Estates; N end E 2480th St (Toonerville Rd); S end E 2480th St (Toonerville Rd); Red Adams Rd, Beach Ave; S Cottage St (S of W Prospect); 621 S Grove (S of W Prospect); 701 S Chestnut(in alley behind); and Hillcrest Dr.

Water supplies in these areas may be extremely rusty or cloudy during flushing and care should be taken when doing laundry. Check water supply by running cold water only as running hot water will draw rusty water into your water heater.

If you have any questions, please call City Hall at 852-2611.

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